Quality American-Made Wood Stickers

Looking for Quality Wood Stickers made in the USA? These are a perfect way to spruce up your walls and add some personality to any space. Made with high-quality wood, these stickers will last a lifetime without fading or peeling away! We offer hundreds of designs that can be applied to any interior wall surface including paint, wallpaper, metal, glass, tile and more. You’ll love how easy they are to apply with no mess or fuss. They’re available in many different sizes so you can find what’s best for your design needs. The quality of our products is unmatched so be sure to check out all the options!

If you’re looking for sustainable, quality and innovative wood stickers, then look no further. We manufacture all of our products in the US and use only high-quality materials. Our products are handmade with a laser engraver, which means every design is crisp and clear. If you have any questions about our products or would like to place an order, don’t hesitate to contact us or shop online with us today!

Why Buy Real Wood Stickers

You may be asking, “why to buy wooden stickers made from real wood”?… Well, the answer to that is quality and authenticity. We only design and create wooden stickers from premium, sustainable and eco-friendly real wood forests!

Our team, sources wood from exceptional batches of real wood and they then design, engrave and finish to give a quality wooden sticker for our customers. We can also custom-make wood stickers to your own personal design or tastes, so please feel free to get in touch for any type of custom order!

SWOOD Wood Stickers

SWOOD Wood Stickers are a much sought after Ecolocigal Friendly, Biodegradable and sustainably sourced Wood Sticker that can uplift any environment it is displayed. These handcrafted wood stickers are also often collected and you will find that we supply a wide-ranging collection to add some personality to your home decor without spending too much money. You can also find these in different shapes, designs, colors and sizes that will appeal to many different people’s tastes.

Take a look at our wide-range selection of quality Wood Stickers below, including the world-renowned hand-made SWOOD range of Wood Stickers!

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SWOOD Wood Products


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Products like –

Swood® Wood Sticker 2-3″
Wood Sticker Starter Set
LOVE Beach Ball Mini
LOVE 8 Ball Mini Swood®


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Products like –

AMOR Pride Mini Swood®
LOVE Soccer Wood Sticker
Volleyball Swood® Sticker
Sashimi Mini Wood Sticker


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Products like –

Basketball Mini Swood®
LOVE Colorado Mini Swood®
LOVE Bourbon Mini Swood®
LOVE Shaka Mini Swood®


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Products like –

LOVE Football Wood Sticker
Christmas Ball Mini Swood®
Paw Print Mini Swood®
Sushi Roll Wood Sticker